KIP Summer

KIP Summer Club focuses on the core subjects.  The members will have 3 learning hours of Writing, Reading and Math – plus the Emotional IQ studies along with afternoon STEM coding projects and scheduled walking field trips.

KIP Summer schedule: 9-5 Monday – Friday – summer months



KIP STEM Club focuses on the STEM coding principles that encompasses expert level education along with CyberSecurity education.  There will be coding projects and opportunities to participate in competitions thru out the city.

KIP STEM schedule: Saturdays 3-5 throughout the school year.


KIP EQ Club focuses on the members Emotional IQ (EQ).  It has been reported that individuals that have a high EQ make $30,000 more.  We want our young members to have an advantage of both high IQs and high EQs!

KIP EQ schedule: Friday evenings 6-8 – second half of the school year.


KIP Clubs was created for kids to have fun learning the basic core subjects of reading, writing, and arithmetic; along with the STEM concepts and coding; and also to manage the basic human emotions.

The KIP acronym that takes on multiple meanings for each club:

  • Kids in Play – Summer Club
  • Kids in Programs  – STEM Club
  • Kids in Peace – EQ Club

We want to challenge the students in STEM coding to allow them to process emotions they may experience while working on their coding projects. Some of those emotions might be: happiness; surprise; anger; sadness; fear and love.

To propel our kids into the future with great learning ability – we also want to prepare them to manage their own emotions and be able to recognize and understand other people’s emotions.  This will lead to better management of themselves and their friendships.

Diverse elementary children

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