Our Vision

To empower kids to embrace their emotional IQ as well as their intelligence IQ.

To learn STEM coding concepts while increasing their emotional EQ.

That all kids can achieve their dreams and ambitions.

KIP Clubs can assist with those dreams by providing an enriching and fun learning experience.

Our Approach

Our Story

Our Story

My passion for empowering, teaching, and encouraging youth started a long time ago.  I wanted kids to be able to handle the prevalent pressures they encounter today but be their authentic selves as they were created.  I also wanted them to be able to feel comfortable being exactly how they are designed and not feel bad about who they are and their own unique personalities.  The most successful way I have found to help kids is to teach them how to empower themselves.  To accomplish that - they need tools to know not only intellectual knowledge but emotional awareness and knowledge as well.

I have been passionate in engaging in the lives of kids and below are a few of my experience with youth:

For the SUMMER Club - Engaged students in fun learning activities for over 10+ years from Math Study Groups, Writing Projects, Reading at Dyslexia Institute, Coding classes, Youth Retreats, Vacation Bible School, Bible Bowls, and conducted the  city-wide MLK Knowledge Bowl Competition for 5 years.

For the STEM Club - Presented the "STEM Made Easy thru Coding" program at GEMS World Academy Chicago for their 5 graders and the students enjoyed the projects and learning how to code.

For the EQ Club - Emotionally supported and counseled youth at Youth Retreats, YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, Middle Schools, and High Schools.  As the middle-school and high school student liaison, supported and counseled the students that were having a hard time at school academically and emotionally - along with creating intervention programs to assist the students through out the school year.

Meet the KIP Club Dreamers

The idea of the KIP Clubs was born by the fun, exciting and engaging  relationship I have with my KIP - Kevin Isaiah Porter.  KIP is my grandson and we have so much fun together and we are learning more and more everyday on how to manage our emotions along with grasping new levels of intelligence.  What a wonderful journey of this grandmother and grandson relationship that has resulted in creating a club for dreamers!



KIP Club Originator

They call me Cyber Grandma!  I love to teach and  encourage kids and I am passionate about STEM and CyberSecurity for all ages!.


Porter Family

KIP Club Family

This is the Porter Family - Anita, Brittney, and Kevin.  We have lots of fun and love and we have been known to have our own Porter family "Comedy Central Hour"!



The Original KIP

Kevin Isaiah Porter enjoys sports and loves basketball.  He wants to be the first NBA player that is an architect.

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